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CategoryDocument NameSummaryLink
Accounting/AuditingInternal Controls to Avoid Theft & Fraud
    added on Jun 13, 2007
Practical steps owners can and should implement to safeguard their companies from employee theft.
Business ValuationQuality of Earnings
    added on Jan 15, 2013
A discussion of factors impacting a company's quality of earnings in the valuation process.
Industry TrendsIndustry Trends Part 1_On the Rebound
    added on Oct 2, 2012
A recap of recent industry trends and projected increased profitability per the Printing Industries of America Ratio Survey data.
Industry TrendsHow Do You Grow Market Share?
    added on Apr 11, 2012
Timely guidelines to grow your market share in today's economy.
Industry TrendsYou and Your Bank
    added on Feb 17, 2010
Industry TrendsDigital World
    added on Feb 17, 2010
Industry TrendsBanking Relationships with Print Companies
    added on Mar 19, 2009
How Economic Uncertainty is impacting Banking Relationships with Print Companies; and what you can do to improve your relationships and protect your company.
Industry TrendsSales Compensation Plans
    added on Mar 19, 2009
Discussion of the 3 most common sales compensation programs for the printing industry.
Industry TrendsIndustry Limelight - High Profile Printers
    added on Jun 13, 2007
"A guide to evaluating the printing marketplace based on the activity trends and financial performance of the ""Big Guys"" of the industry - RR Donnelley, Consolidated Graphics, Cenveo, etc. "
Management Decision Making HelpsRevenue Growth - More Fun Than Cutting Costs
    added on May 20, 2013
Tips for managing profitability through revenue growth instead of just by cutting costs.
Management Decision Making HelpsCash is King for Business Success
    added on Mar 11, 2013
The Do's and Don'ts of maintaining positive cash flow for a financially health company.
Management Decision Making HelpsAdvisory Groups: A Tremendous Resource
    added on Feb 18, 2013
How building an Advisory Group can support your business management needs by tapping multiple areas of expertise.
Management Decision Making HelpsMaximizing Efficiency of In House Talent
    added on Jul 31, 2012
Five management "Must Do's" to ensure you are getting the most efficiency and productivity from your staff.
Management Decision Making HelpsProfitable Sales: All Sales Are Not Created Equal
    added on Jul 30, 2012
Management techniques to maximize sales profitability.
Management Decision Making HelpsMaximizing Cash Flow, Part 2_Financing
    added on Feb 14, 2012
Alternative resources and techniques for quick cash access in today's economy.
Management Decision Making HelpsMaximizing Cash Part1:Common Sense Steps
    added on Feb 14, 2012
Effective techniques to streamline your cash flow management.
Management Decision Making HelpsProfit Improvement
    added on Jan 26, 2012
Techniques used by the profit leaders to improve efficiency and profitability.
Management Decision Making HelpsManaging Your Sales Force
    added on Dec 14, 2011
Techniques to manage and monitor your sales force in today's changing economy.
Management Decision Making HelpsCash is King: Quick Cash Flow Indicators
    added on Nov 29, 2011
A summary of key indicators to track your company's cash flow and financial health,
Management Decision Making HelpsFinancing & Re-financing, Part 1
    added on Oct 24, 2011
Review of viable loan products for the industry, personal guarantees, and re-fianncing advantages.
Management Decision Making HelpsMajor Equipment Purchasing, Part 2: Negotiating the Deal
    added on Aug 30, 2011
Tips for negotiating your equipment financing deals.
Management Decision Making HelpsMajor Equipment Purchasing, Part 1: Plan Before You Purchase
    added on Aug 30, 2011
Factors to consider before you buy or lease qeuipment, including cash flow, your market plan, new vs. used, and cost benefits.
Management Decision Making HelpsEffective Management Using the PIA Ratios - Part 2
    added on Aug 23, 2011
How to identify roadblocks to profitability in your organization thorugh comparison of your ratio numbers to the profit leaders.
Management Decision Making HelpsEffective Management Using the PIA Ratios
    added on Aug 9, 2011
Guidelines to effective use of the PIA Ratio data to make money in the printing industry.
Management Decision Making HelpsCompeting with the Majors
    added on Jun 28, 2011
Tips for small to medium printers to "compete" with the major industry printers.
Management Decision Making HelpsGrowing Market Share
    added on Mar 14, 2011
Management Decision Making HelpsCollection Issues and Managing Receivables
    added on Jul 7, 2010
Management Decision Making HelpsWinning the Competitive Pricing Game
    added on Feb 17, 2010
Management Decision Making HelpsValue Added per Payroll $
    added on Feb 17, 2010
Management Decision Making HelpsTurnaround - Owner Objectives
    added on Feb 17, 2010
Management Decision Making HelpsAlternative to Raises
    added on Feb 17, 2010
Management Decision Making HelpsThe Balance Sheet
    added on May 30, 2009
Management Decision Making HelpsAdvisory Groups: Your Unofficial 'Board of Directors' Resource
    added on Mar 24, 2009
Build an Advisory Group drawn from a variety of disciplines to provide input for your business management decisions.
Management Decision Making HelpsLooking for a Profit in 2009
    added on Mar 19, 2009
Maximizing value-added to increase profits.
Management Decision Making HelpsHow to Stop the Cash Flow Drain
    added on Apr 1, 2008
Management Decision Making HelpsHow Do PIA-GATF Profit Leaders Win Handle Price Cutting
    added on Apr 19, 2007
Mergers & AcquisitionsExpanding Sales Through Acquisition
    added on Apr 11, 2013
The importance of planning for pre-acquisition strategy and post-acquisition implementation.
Mergers & AcquisitionsPreparing to Sell Your Printing Company
    added on Sep 12, 2011
How do you know if it's the right time to consider a sale of your printing company? This practical checklist will guide you through important timing and process factors you should first consider.
Mergers & AcquisitionsAcquiring a Company from the Owner's Perspective
    added on Mar 29, 2011
A flexible 6-step circular process for owners to achieve successful acquisitions and tiuck ins.
Mergers & AcquisitionsM&A Today Cashless Mergers Tuck-ins
    added on Sep 16, 2010
M&A Today: Cashless Mergers Tuck-ins
PIA/GATF RatiosIndustry Trends: Factors Impacting Profitability
    added on Jan 7, 2013
Assessment of print industry trends based on the Printing Industries of America Ratio Survey results.
PIA/GATF RatiosKey Financial Indicators 2012
    added on Aug 30, 2012
Key financial indicators for cash flow management.
PIA/GATF RatiosYour Target Ratio: Metrics That Matter
    added on Mar 19, 2009
Identifying the appropriate target ratio information for your unique business needs.
PIA/GATF RatiosDon't Say Recession - Using Metrics for Management Decisions
    added on Mar 18, 2009
The importance of using timely information for management planning/decisions during economic downturns.
PIA/GATF RatiosUnderstanding Metrics: What is Your Target Ratio?
    added on Sep 30, 2008
PIA/GATF RatiosSuccession/Continuation Planning
    added on Aug 1, 2007
A discussion of considerations for a successful succession/continuation planning process for your business.
PIA/GATF RatiosBuilding Value for Printing Companies
    added on Jun 13, 2007
A business evaluation and turnaround guide for failing print businesses using the PIA/GATF Ratios industry benchmarks to add value.
PIA/GATF RatiosFactory Payroll Costs
    added on Jun 13, 2007
A guide to identifying factory payroll cost categories to avoid overhead excesses and profit erosion for printing companies.
Records RetentionRecords Retention Guide 2013
    added on Mar 19, 2013
Guide to time frames for personal and business document retention.
Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning: It's Not Just for Your Competitors
    added on Jun 8, 2011
An overview of the strategic planning process to meet today's challenging business economy, from establishing th e core team through SWOT and implementation.
Strategic PlanningImplementing a Rightsizing Plan
    added on Jun 14, 2010
Strategic PlanningRightsizing for Optimal Performance
    added on Mar 11, 2010
Strategic PlanningHow we survived the Great Recession
    added on Feb 20, 2010
My family-owned packaging company has maintained its reputation for excellence despite ecomomic challenges. Here are some tips for business leaders.
Strategic PlanningMetrics for Success 2010
    added on Feb 20, 2010
Strategic PlanningBreakeven Analysis
    added on Feb 17, 2010
Strategic PlanningTurnaround: What to do in today’s economy
    added on Jan 11, 2010
Turnaround: What to do in today’s economy
Strategic PlanningBudgeting and Forecasting - Sound Financial Planning
    added on Mar 19, 2009
Using your Budget or Forecasting Plan to make sound financial decisions.
Strategic PlanningOpportunity Planning
    added on Mar 19, 2009
Seeking out new business opportunities during times of economic downturn; montioring yor business and making changes as needed.
Strategic PlanningGift Your Company Stock
    added on Apr 1, 2008
Strategic PlanningThe Way Printing Companies Grow
    added on Jul 30, 2007
TaxSalvation Army Valuation Guide 2013
    added on Mar 19, 2013
A valuation guide for donations made to the Salvation Army.
TaxGoodwill Valuation Guide 2013
    added on Mar 19, 2013
A valuation guide for donations made to Goodwill Industries.
TaxWhat's New in 2013/Fiscal Cliff
    added on Jan 8, 2013
What's New in 2013/Fiscal Cliff
TaxBusiness Taxes 2011
    added on Mar 21, 2011
Updates on Business Tax opportunities for 2011.
TaxMid Year Tax Planning
    added on Aug 18, 2010
Mid-Year Tax Planning
TaxTax Benefits, etc.
    added on Feb 17, 2010
TaxTaking Advantage—R&D Tax Credit
    added on Feb 17, 2010
TaxAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
    added on Jun 16, 2009
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
TaxWhat's New for 2009
    added on Mar 18, 2009
Tax law highlights as of January 2009.
TaxWhat the IRS Thinks About the Print Industry
    added on Mar 18, 2009
TaxDefining Business Interruption in the Print Industry
    added on Apr 1, 2008
TaxEconomic Stimulus Act
    added on Mar 25, 2008
Economic Stimulus Act
TaxThe AMT Tax Trap
    added on Sep 24, 2007
TaxHow the IRS Views Your Stock of Replacement Parts
    added on Jun 14, 2007
"Discussion on the ""Record of Consumption"" of replacement parts as viewed by the IRS."
TaxBusiness or Personal - A Lethal Combination
    added on Jun 14, 2007
The importance of differentiating between personal and business expenses on your taxes.
TaxHow the New Tax Law Fares?
    added on Jun 13, 2007
Tax Credits available through 2007 under the 2006 Tax Relief and Health Care Act.
TaxIt's Time to Plan for Uncle Sam
    added on Jun 13, 2007
Tax Planning tips to help you fully deduct all eligible income tax expenses.
TaxThe Research & Development Tax Credit - More Option, More Opportunity, More Attractive
    added on Jun 13, 2007
A discussion of the proposed R&D Tax Credit modifications as they may apply to the graphic arts industry.
TaxTax Revelations: Ready or Not, Here They Come
    added on Feb 20, 2007
TaxWhy the New Tax Act 2007 Spells AMT Relief
    added on Jan 1, 2007
TaxPay Attention: New Tax Laws
    added on Jul 1, 2006

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