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Making Money:

Grow, Mix It Up and Make Money

Today’s environment is rapidly changing, impacted by advances in technology and growing competition. Margolis Partners works with its clients to combine industry-specific knowledge with corporate best practices and expertise.

From start-ups to third-generation-establishments, opportunities have never been better.

Let us assist with:

Strategic Planning Growing a company can be exciting. The excitement can quickly turn to stress if the team is working together toward a unified goal set by management. At Margolis Partners we help management teams “undress” the company. Then, we build sound and prudent plans for the future with a high probability of success.

Acquire.Grow.Expand. Opportunities for growth are all around us. Deciding how to grow can be daunting. Our team can help you evaluate opportunities. Whether your goals include capacity expansion, niche development, or extending market reach, we can guide you through an acquisition, service expansion or profit optimization plan. We work with clients every step of the way. As new developments occur, we are there to help establish a plan for business and personal success and see it through, right by your side.

Sell.Right-Size.Downsize. Owners wanting to increase efficiency or downsize can plan ahead to maximize the company’s value and their own eventual wealth. Our depth of expertise in profit optimization and cost control is second to none. Some of today’s most prosperous companies went through periods of re-definition, re-defining of goals and even workout. We help you confront change and work for the better.

Succession Planning. When you’re ready to start grooming a new management team, we help make the transition easier. We will work with your legal advisor to build the proper plans and help you reach your goals.

Preparing for Sale. If your goal is to sell, we can help you prepare, assess value and maximize EBITDA. We facilitate the sales negotiation process in a way that shields the seller from contention and frustration, while actively engaging owners in the sale. After the sale, we help create a strategic road map to success for you, personally, as part of our 360-degree perspective.

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